August 3rd: Library Work Day

The library will be closed on Wednesday, August 3rd so that we can do some physical shifting of books and boxes.  We apologize for any inconvenience.  If you are in the front range and want to help, just let us know!


Library Closed July 2nd

Heads up – the Library and Museum will be closed on July 2nd for the holiday weekend.   Last day for bookmail will be Friday July 1st, and then we’ll resume on Tuesday, July 5th with normal hours.  Have a great time doing whatever it is you’ll be doing!


Logging In to the AAC Library

Last week the AAC launched our new website.  You have no doubt visited it numerous times by now to ogle it, I’m sure.  One of my favorite aspects is the fact that the library catalog is now synced with the AAC member database.   This means that your login and password, along with your mailing address and contact information is now automatically added to the library catalog, all the better for mailing you the guidebooks and DVDs you order online.

There’s been a small snafu, however, so while we fix it, here’s the work-around:

Go to the AAC website

Go to Login

Click Forgot Password and use the email address you associated with your AAC profile.

Once you receive your new temporary password, go back to the AAC website, log in and change your password.

This should then automatically change your password in the library catalog, so you can go to and log in with your email address and  AAC password.

If you are still having trouble, give us a call at the library at 303-384-0112 or email library @ americanalpineclub dot org.

Mountain Poems for National Poetry Month

So, we had NaNoWriMo in November, and now it’s National Poetry Month, with lots of different ways to participate.  Mountain Poems. Climbing Poems. Odes to Fear and the joy of being up high.

I found a grand total of 47 books about poetry by searching our library catalog.  Have any of you read any of them?  Do you have a favorite and it’s not on the list and you think we should buy it?  Did you know you can log on and make purchase suggestions?

Or maybe you have a poem you want to let us read?  Feel free to post it here in the comments or on our Facebook page.  Do it!

And, now, for your reading pleasure or dismay, an excerpt from  The Owl and the Cragrat, a collection of British poems based on other, more famous poems or songs, all about climbing.  (The image is from the title page.)

It’s so difficult to choose…the one based on the Jabberwocky…”twas chossy and the slimy stones…”  Or maybe the one based on Hamlet’s soliloquy: “to smear or not to smear?” Or maybe the take on Sylvia Plath’s “Daddy” – “You do not do, you do not do, anymore, black shoe”?

I’ll just pick a little one, based on Wiliam Blake’s The Sick Rose:

The Sick Rope (by Marc Chrysanthou)

O Rope, thou art sick!

The invisible tear

From a careless knife,

In the gear hold-all,

Has found out thy core

Of perlon joy,

And this dark secret gash

Does thy life destroy.

Holiday Hours

For your book-mail and research planning: the library will be closed November 25-27 and December 24-Jan 3.

November 9 Book Club: Brotherhood of the Rope

November’s book is Bernadette McDonald’s Brotherhood of the Rope, a biography of Charles Houston.

Jake Norton put a great link to a video on his blog The Mountain World.  Dougald MacDonald

Library Closed July 2 & 3

The library will be closed July 2nd and 3rd for the Fourth of July weekend and will reopen with regular hours on Tuesday, July 6th.  Stop by for last minute vacation planning!