July 16: Eldorado Art Center Film Premiere, Art, Music, the AAC Library and YOU!`


Facebook RVSP and more info. This should be really fun, plus you can come buy some collectible books to benefit the AAC Library.  Hope to see you there!


Getting Things Done: Book Pricing Episode

13 people. 2 hours. 5 gallons of Golden City Brewery beer.  220 books got priced and ready for sale to benefit the library.  Thank you to AAC staff Alex Depta, Erik Lambert, Luke Bauer, Sarah Blair, Marina Valenzuela and Keegan Young, and volunteers Bob Reedy, Tom and Denise Maceyka, Ash Taylor, Bob Ader, Steve Williams, Katie Pelletier and Eron Johnson! And thanks GCB for the beer donation.

February 8th Book Club in Golden: Fifty Classic Climbs

February 8: Fifty Classic Climbs by Steve Roper and Alan Steck.

A reminder that book club will be discussing a book that has its’ own Wikipedia entry, a Flickr photo pool and a Facebook group about people who are attempting to climb all of them – Mark and Janelle Smiley.   John Meek interviewed Alan Steck in 1995.  Come on down to the American Mountaineering Center at 6:30 on Tuesday, February 8th.

January 11th Book Club: Touching The Void, Joe Simpson

There’s an interesting thread going on over on the AAC’s Facebook page right now. The question asked was this:

“Joe Simpson, author of Touching the Void, developed an interest in climbing after reading The White Spider by Heinrich Harrer. What book motivated you to start climbing? (Don’t forget that members-anywhere in the world-can check out AAC Library books and videos for free by mail)”

Quite a few people have deemed Touching the Void to be one of their primary inspirations, although the answers have ranged from Rum Doodle to Star Trek (you have to go read the thread!).

I mention this because the Golden Book Club will be meeting on January 11th at 6:30pm to talk about this book.  Even if you can’t come to the American Mountaineering Center, you can join the conversation by leaving a comment here or on the Facebook page.


Winter Book Club Dates in Golden

We are always looking for new books to read and new members so bring great ideas, great discussions and a friend to the December meeting. The meeting will be December 14, 2010 around 6:30 p.m .  See you then.

Future Front Range Book club books are going to be:

December 14: Fatal Mountaineer by Robert Roper. This is the biography of Willi Unsoeld.

January 11: Touching the Void by Joe Simpson. One of the great classics of mountaineering literature. (You can watch the movie if you want… )

For February 8: We were thinking about reading Fifty Classic Climbs by Steve Roper and Alan Steck.

However copies of that book are hard to find (outside of the library).  So if you are interested in something like that, we could do Fifty Favorite Climbs by Mark Kroese. This was printed in 2001 and can be found easily and cheaply.

The Climbing Art Show is UP! Come look!

Jamie Givens finished installing the Alpine Styles climbing art show yesterday and it looks fantastic. There is art all over the museum and library walls, and we hope you all will have a chance to come visit while it is here—the show is up through January.  Artwork and styles vary from Renan Ozturk’s large mixed media paintings on canvas to Emilie Lee’s small Hudson River School-inspired oil paintings on paper, to Mike Tea’s giclee prints and Keith Svihovec’s gouache paintings on board, to Jamie’s finely wrought india ink drawings. All of it is evidence of the passion and skill of these artists, who not only embrace the subject of climbing, but also the heart and soul of creating art.  

Please come out and celebrate the opening of this exhibit, which just happens to be on the same night as the Mountaineering Museum‘s Thirsty Third Thursday party!  Tonight, 6-8:30pm at the American Mountaineering Center in Golden.

And don’t forget – the art is for sale and a portion of the proceeds benefits the Museum and the AAC Library!

Film Preview of Last Wild Mountain, November 16th, 6:30pm

This is what the film-makers say about that:

“We will be having our first preview screening of The Last Wild Mountain: Portrait of the American Climber on November 16 at the American Mountaineering Museum in Golden, Colorado.  This will not be the finished film because we want to get feedback from an audience before making the final changes and post production touches.  We want to hear your feedback!

Make no mistake, this event will be JAM PACKED full of FUN.  If you miss this you’ll probably regret even being born, because life will be too difficult to lead after knowing you missed the best moment of your life.”


SO… come see Oakley Anderson-Moore and Alex Reinhard on Tuesday, November 16th.

Check it out at: http://www.rockadventuremovie.com/home.html

Facebook Event Page

$3 for AAC/CMC members, $5 for non-members and FREE to members of the museum and library.

Sponsored by: First Ascent