Freddie Wilkinson Slideshow and Booksigning – September 13th, 6pm

Courtesy of Penguin Books

Courtesy of Penguin Books

“An insider’s account of one of the deadliest and most controversial tragedies in mountaineering history-the 2008 K2 disaster.

When eleven men perished on the slopes of K2 in August 2008, it was one of the deadliest single events in Himalayan climbing and made headlines around the world. Yet non of the surviving western climbers could explain precisely what happened. Their memories were self-admittedly fogged by exhaustion, hypoxia, and hallucinations. The truth of what happened lies with four Sherpa guides who were largely ignored by the mainstream media in the aftermath of the tragedy, who lost two of their own during the incident, and whose heroic efforts saved the lives of at least four climbers.

Based on his numerous trips to Nepal and in-depth interviews he conducted with these unacknowledged heroes, the other survivors, and the families of the lost climbers, alpinist and veteran climbing writer Freddie Wilkinson presents the true story of what actually occurred on the “savage” mountain. This work combines a criticism of the mainstream press’s less-than-complete coverage of the tragedy and an insightful portrait of the lives of 21st-century Sherpas into an intelligent, white-knuckled adventure narrative.”

Join Freddie Wilkinson September 13th 6:00pm in Foss Audtiorium, American Mountaineering Center, Golden, for a slideshow and discussion on his book One Mountain Thousand Summits.

Read more about Freddie at Mountain Hardwear, Climbing, and The Huffington Post.

Books will be for sale $20, and a percentage of sales will benefit the AAC Library.


One Response

  1. One Mountain Thousand Summits is a well researched hard to put down read. It will join my library alongside ‘Into Thin Air’ , ‘Ghosts of Everest’ and other great mountaineering books.
    I have but one criticism. It defies belief that a person with such a huge amount of experience, who has visited Nepal and conducted an enormous amount of research re K2, can get the name of the greatest mountain range on Earth absolutely wrong! There is no ‘S’ in Himalaya. Never was, never will be. The literal translation of Himalaya is – Place where the snow lives – no plural and definitely not a lot of layers either!
    One can only assume that FW deliberately added the ess to appease his American readers. Americans are known to be very poor on geography but deliberately perpetuating a mistake is not going to make things any better. This mistake by FW is a real pity as it stops his very good book becoming a great book.

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