Mayhem in the Library

We had a few interesting visitors yesterday, as we sometimes do.

Andy and the gang from GibbonThe folks from Gibbon Slacklines stopped by to see if they could set up a line in the library. Turns out they couldn’t do it without crushing the sheetrock around the poles, but they DID seem to get pretty excited about the new library books we just got in, including the Bob D’Antonio’s Boulder Canyon Rock Climbs.

They’ll be at the Mountaineering Museum for 3rd Thirsty Thursday, so stop by and say hi!

Joe Brown, of the Colorado Environmental Film Festival, was here to shoot a little promotional film for the library.  He and his friend Pete caught all the exciting library action. Joe Brown, Chris Case, and Cedar Wright Adam McFarren and museum operations manager Sarah Wood set up the all-important reading belay station, while Trail and Timberline editor Chris Case and The North Face athlete Cedar Wright made it to the book check out.  Thanks also to Anya Byers, Stacy Wolfe, Dave Maren and Eli Stein for their incredible ability to act like library patrons.  Stardom is assured.Pete, Sarah Wood and Adam McFarren


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