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The Library Has Books

Just a reminder that if you are looking for some summer reading without spending money, the library can help, plus it’s a great place to sit and read on your rest day, or when it’s raining. And if you don’t live here – no worries! We’ll mail the book to you for free as part of your member benefit.

Not only do we have guidebooks so you can plan your trips, we’ve got fiction (mysteries, detective novels!),  photography, history, travel narratives from the 19th century to today, vhs and dvds – all kinds of stuff to entertain and inspire –

The Gunks

The Gunks

20,000 books – all mountains, all the time.

Here’s a few books we just bought for you – some classics, some new:

  • Zion: Canyoneering, Tom Jones
  • South Dakota Needles: The adventure climbs of Herb and Jan Conn, Lindsay Stephens
  • Flatiron Classics, Gerry Roach
  • Girl on the Rocks, Katie Brown
  • Gunnison Rock, Leo Malloy
  • The Whole Enchilada: A climber’s guide to Potrero Chico, Mexico, Dane Bass
  • The Gunks, Sach Orenczak & Rachel Lynn
  • Bugaboo Dreams, Topher Donahue
  • Jim Perrin: The climbing essays
  • The Eiger Obsession, John Harlin III
  • Strange and Dangerous Dreams, Geoff Powter
  • Stone Play: the art of bouldering, JS Watson, editor
  • Everest for Kids, Alan Arnette
  • Through a Land of Extremes: The Littledales of Central Asia, Elizabeth and Nicholas Clinch

Here’s a video that might help:


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